Family Planning

We’ll help you plan for the family you want, when and if it’s right for you.

Helping you plan for the family you want

The decision to have children is personal. It can also feel overwhelming. We’ll help you figure out what’s best for you. Then we’ll help you create a plan that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Preparing to have a baby:

  • Family planning — We can help you and your partner make key decisions. These include having children or not, the right birth control and the number of children you want.
  • Health care — We work with you to prepare for pregnancy. This includes helping you reach a healthy weight, doing important screenings and caring for any infections. We’ll also go over medicines and other common issues related to getting pregnant.
  • Infertility — If you’re not getting pregnant, we’ll help find out why. We’ll also suggest options that offer you the best chances of getting pregnant.

Making the right decision for you

Whether you want to start a family now, later or never, we can guide you.

Delaying pregnancy or not getting pregnant:

  • Birth control counseling — We’ll help you reach your goals based on what’s important to you.
  • Unplanned pregnancy — If you have an unplanned pregnancy, we’ll help you understand your options.

Convenient in-office services and exams:

  • Checking for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) — STDs can make it difficult to get pregnant. We’ll find out if you have any STDs and offer the right care.
  • Permanent birth control — Tubal ligation is safe and effective. It closes the fallopian tubes, which means you can’t get pregnant.

Every step of the way, we make sure you have the information you need. Our focus is on helping you make the choices that are right for you.