Care during and after pregnancy

We’ll help you take good care of yourself while you’re pregnant and after your baby is born.

Preparing for your bundle of joy

The nine months you carry your baby is one of the most special times in life. Then comes that magical moment when you see and hold your baby for the first time. From the time you start planning for your family until well after your baby is born, we’re here to help.  

We offer:  

  • Prenatal care — It’s important to good care of yourself during pregnancy. This includes eating healthfully, taking vitamins and more.  
  • Prenatal care for higher-risk patients — If you’re older or have a long-term condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, we offer planning and support. 
  • Ultrasounds — An ultrasound shows images of your baby in the uterus. These help us watch your baby’s growth and development.  
  • Genetic testing — These tests help identify if your baby has any health problems. Your doctor will talk with you about genetic tests and when to do them. 
  • Delivery care — We offer care for vaginal delivery or a cesarean section (C-section). If it’s your first pregnancy, and if a vaginal delivery is safe for you, we try not to do C-sections.

Delivery hospitals

We partner with two leading local hospitals — Summerlin Hospital and St. Rose Hospital. Both offer expert care in a welcoming setting.  

Embracing parenthood

After your baby is born, daily life will be different, especially if it’s your first baby. That’s why it’s so important to have the right support.

Helping you adjust to your new life

Our Fourth Trimester Program will help you prepare for life as a new parent. You’ll have our full support during the first three months after giving birth, including: 

  • 1–3 days after going home from the hospital, we call to find out how you’re doing. 
  • At 1 week, we have a video visit to answer any questions about you and your baby. 
  • At 2 weeks, we have another video visit to check in with you. 
  • At 3–6 weeks, we have an in-office visit so we can see you and the baby in person. 

Our knowledgeable team will answer your questions about: 

  • Self-care, including resources to help you adjust well to parenthood 
  • Breastfeeding, including insights from experts 
  • Mental health and what to expect with mood swings and emotions 
  • Birth control options, including a personalized plan for you 

Every patient’s pregnancy and postpartum (post-pregnancy) experience is different. We’ll be there for you every step of the way. Our focus is on helping you feel prepared and confident about bringing your baby into the world.